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The Online Pedigree Database is a truly collaborative tool allowing purebred canine enthusiasts around the world to contribute to an open database that benefits the entire community. It is provided by PawVillage at no charge out of a desire to create a valuable resource for others who share our love of purebred dogs and interest in pedigree research.

There are currently 616,753 dogs
of 186 different breeds in the database!

Newest Additions:
CíEst Si Bon Bold Venture Sutri Belgian Groenendael
Zimís Baa Baa Blacksheep Belgian Groenendael
Zimís Black Mathilde Belgian Groenendael
Irish Hills Julie V Nash Rottweiler
Breines Madele Belgian Groenendael
Haze the Great Bull Terrier
Nicole WiíCo Beauxbon Belgian Groenendael

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mini camera icon New Photos:
Larceny von Siegestor Belgian Groenendael
Johnsondaleís I of the Storm Belgian Groenendael
Dynamique du Volant Belgian Groenendael
Mega Spirit von Siegestor Belgian Groenendael
MegaSpiritís All For One Belgian Groenendael
Baikadunia (AKC DN02643101) Belgian Groenendael
Johnsondale N Bernbayís Fancy Belgian Groenendael

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