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Internet Afghan Club Logo The Afghan Hound

by the Internet Afghan Club

The Afghan Hound was introduced to England in the late 1800s. A native of Afghanistan, the Afghan was originally bred for hunting large game such as antelope, gazelle, wolves etc over rugged terrain.

The Afghan is very elegant dog, giving the impression of both strength and dignity together with speed and power. Their coat is long and very fine, except along their back and face, with a distinctive top-knot. This dog breed's appearance is eye-catching and exotic and comes in a wide variety of colors.

The Afghan has an independent and very lively nature, they are aloof with strangers but should never be shy and with their family and friends show a great deal of affection and, despite their elegance and exotic appearance, are always ready to act the clown!

The breed is a relatively healthy breed.

The Afghan Hound is a high maintenance breed and requires regular grooming and bathing.

It must be remembered that this breed was developed for hunting by sight. They require a good deal of free running exercise. However, once running free, the Afghan can cover a great distance in a very short time, and can be very difficult to call back. Therefore it is imperative that and off-lead exercising is done in a safe, secure area. The Afghan owner must also remember that they were bred for hunting, and as such can have a tendency to chase other animals!

With their aloof and independent nature, Afghans can sometimes be difficult to train. Being a sensitive breed, harsh methods of training should never be used, the Afghan will respond much better by praise. To train the Afghan you must find out what motivates him.

They are an intelligent breed and learn very quickly but they have to be convinced that there is a purpose behind what they have learned!

Life Expectancy
The Afghan Hound can be expected to live about 12-15 years.

Living Environment
Afghan Hounds are very easy to live with. Dogs that do not have a fenced garden in which to run will need plenty of exercise and walks. Puppies are not recommended for people without secure gardens


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