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Pedigree Submission Tutorial
New Dog Submission

When you are ready to submit dogs to the database, please begin with the oldest dogs (usually on the right hand side of the pedigree) in the pedigree that you are entering. This will ensure that sires and dams are entered before their offspring. If you accidentally submit a dog before its parents, you will need to enter the parents and then go back and edit the record of the dog.

Please remember to enter titles in the appropriate pre- or post-title field, not in the name field. If titles are included in the name field, duplicate records may inadvertently be created as the database will not recognize the two names as the same. Do not enter names in all capital letters. Titles should be entered in their acronym form rather than spelled out, for example CH rather than Champion.

Please click on portions of the image below to access help about that item.

After you have entered all of the dog's information and clicked Submit, the database will be searched for possible matching names within the breed. This is done to reduce the chance of duplicate records being created. You will then be brought to a confirmation page that informs you of possible duplicate records and allows you to verify the dog's name and breed and save the record to the database.

If there is a likelihood that one of the possible matches is the same dog as you are entering, do not re-enter the dog. If you have additional information or corrections for the dog's record, please submit the information using the Additions & Corrections system by clicking on the link at the bottom of that dog's home page.

If an exact match for the name that you entered is found, or you did not enter a valid name, you will be prompted to return to the New Dog Submission page and will be unable to save the incomplete or duplicate record to the database. We appreciate your assistance in maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the Online Pedigree Databasetm by not cluttering the database with duplicate records which can be both confusing and misleading.

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