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Pedigree Submission Tutorial
Dog Record Validation Levels

The validation level of the record will be set by PawVillage when verifying the record. Prior to validation, an icon will identify the record as unvalidated. The validation process generally will take about a week, although this may vary quite a bit depending upon the volume of new submissions being received.

Most dog records in the Online Pedigree Database have a standard validation level. These records have been reviewed by PawVillage to ensure that they are not blatantly inaccurate or fraudulent and that they are not duplicates of records already in the database. These records do not display any symbol indicating their validation level. All other validation levels will be indicated on the dog's record by the symbols described below.

Unvalidated Unvalidated
This symbol indicates that the information in the dog record has not yet been reviewed by PawVillage.

Respected Source Validation Level Respected Source Validation Level
This symbol indicates that the dog record has been submitted by a source that, in the sole discretion of PawVillage, has been determined to consistently be reliable and accurate.

Gold-Star Validation Level Gold Star Validation Level
This symbol indicates that the dog record has been reviewed by PawVillage for accuracy. Most or all of the following information has been verified against at least one credible source: name, breed, gender, color, markings, DOB, parents, and breeder. If public sources are available, registrations and health certifications are also verified. Please note that we specifically do not verify titles, call name, comments, and other information.

Modifications Pending Validation Modifications Pending Validation
This symbol indicates that the dog record has recently been modified by the record owner, and that the modifications have not yet been validated by PawVillage.

PawVillage strives to maintain the integrity of the information that is part of the Online Pedigree Databasetm, however we can not guarantee the complete accuracy of all the information submitted by PawVillage members to the database. All submissions are viewed by PawVillage in an attempt to eliminate duplicate or fraudulent records in the database. If you find any records that you believe to be incorrect or duplicates of other records, please click on the link at the bottom of the record to submit the information via the Additions & Corrections system and we will investigate the record in question.



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