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Kactus du Clos Saint Clair

Male Belgian Tervuren  8/30/1961 (deceased)
Color: mahogany
Owner: Ginette Sauzer then Claudine Burnez
Breeder: Gilbert Fontaine
LOF 3478
Sire: Jimmy de l’Assa CACIB
Dam: Fauvette du Clos Saint Clair CAC

He was the best young Berger Belge male at the 1962 breed special and a large, but well-balanced dog. He became the stud of the Dune aux Loups and then the Moulin Haut de Laubaret kennels. BBA p95

photo 3 (unavailable): The recommended stud, Kactus. His genetic formula is "ayay CC", and he is a homozygous mahogany, well-charcoaled fawn. BBA p132

In, addition, the examination of some subjects which we have bred or else encountered at the shows or at other breeders' homes, demonstrated to us that the hypothesis of an "at" visually created grey, due to charcoal on a show-white base, resulting from the anihilation of fawn, finds some support in the variation of the established tints. In the first place, all the grey puppies which we have seen had some beige or cream around their ears and traces of the same color on the dorsal line and on their croup, as well as on their external sides of the front and back legs, and sometimes on their tails. These marks were much more visible at the time of the growth of the adult coat, since their coat was minimal, but these beige-cream tints never ever completely disappeared. Between molts and the next growth, they were often noticeable for a while, but only temporarily. Later they were probably hidden by the charcoal, than by the full coat. Indeed, we have noticed that in some adult dogs, when the coat was wet they were again visible. These observations tend to support a supplementary proof that the fawn is quite subjacent and that it doesn't find its expression because of the action of the "ch" gene.
Having arrived at these conclusions, through a purely theoretical plan in agreement with Dr Little, we went to the litter announcements in the Breedign News section of Le Berger Belge, to try and verify the foundation of this hypothesis. Until now we have found everything in its favor. BBA p134-135....

Kactus bred to Asay CC bitch Miarka:
result: 11 puppies - 6 black AsAs or Asay & 5 fawn CC
prediction: 4-6 black AsAs or Asay & 5-6 fawn CC (observation mahogany fawn)
note: not a single grey

Courtesy of: dhuckestein ****** Black Breed Manager

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