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58SG, W59, Int & NL CH & NL CH Tr
Justarmano van de Oldenvliet

Male Belgian Laekenois  6/27/1954 (deceased)
Color: red brown
Owner: J J Donkersloot
Breeder: H W v Vliet
NHSB 167822
Sire: W54-56, NL CH Diana (Dian) van de Peelhoeve
Dam: Hertha van de Hooge Veluwe

1957 KNPV PHI 284 points
1958-59 KNPV PHII met lof

One of the best Laeken types issued from a Holland kennel is that of Justamano von der Oldevliet (misspelled), Sieger 1958, a great show winner as well as a holder of the Police Dog certificate. One also finds in this dog the type, the expression, and the ear which is specifically Berger Belge, which is not always the case for a large number of subjects of this variety. BBA p119

I found an article about a clubshow in NL in the early 60ies of the last century. Thea van Niekerk was so nice to translated it in english, thank you very much.
Here it is: Four-legged Belgians ‘in full force’
The Dutch Belgian Shepherd Club (NVBH) has had a memorable day. Saturday February, 18 the club held a good clubmatch, thoroughly organised in the Karseboom in Hilversum. The judges Franen, Koeneman and De Haas were invited to critically view the four varieties, which had a strict judgement. The inscription of 8 Groenendaels, 28 rough haired , 13 Malinois and 7 Tervueren plus a champions class of 6 dogs didn’t leave anything to wish, although 8 absences were noted. Once more it was clear how calm a good managed clubmatch can be. After the meeting there was a constructive discussion and the ‘hint’ judge Koeneman gave during diner to the breeders during diner as an Apotheosis, could not be mistaken. Just because the breeding stock gave satisfaction according to this judge, one should bring the existing possibilities to favourable results “by means of a breeding committee” and prevent the “hit-or-miss”breeding. Especially the Groenendaels and Malinois are upcoming in quality, but the presentation and the trimming of the rough hairs is suboptimal. At the end the following conclusion was disclosed:
Groenendael: (males) 3x VG, (females) 3x VG, 2x G
Rough hairs: (males) 2x Exc., 6x VG, 2x G, 1x M
(females) 3x Exc., 5x VG, 4x G, 2x M
Malinois: (males) 2x Exc., 4x VG, 1x G
(females) 3x Exc., 3x VG
Tervueren: (males) 2x VG, (females) 1x VG
In the Championsclass the result was as follows:
1. Tervueren “Kamp. Cheik v.d. Berglaan”
(owner H.J. de Lange)
2. Groenendael “Ito du Chemin des Dames”
(owner mrs. W. v.d. Bosch)
3. Laekenois “Nat. and Int. Champ. And Dutch Working Champ. “Justarmano v.d. Oldevliet
(owner J.J. Donkersloot)
There is something odd if one lets VG-dogs participate in the finals for Best of Show, whereas “Exc.”dogs stay on the sideline. It makes the determination of a correct sequence into a farc, because in Groenendaels and Tervuerens no dog came to the highest qualification. Fortnately the judges didn’t make mistakes. Based on the given qualifications it was already determined that the final competitions would be between the rough hair “Alwiene van Drienerwolde” (owner J.W. Verwey) and the Malinois “Hellas” (owner C.W. Droogers). Indeed the first one won. The third and fourth place were resp. taken by the Groenendael “Bonny” (owner mrs. G. van Dijk-Visser) and the Tervueren “Aart v.d. Wakelboom” (owner mrs. J. de Looper).
The Belgian lovers have been able to indulge themselves, because also there representatives from the working groups. As many came from far, the day was ended with a sociable diner, upon which mr. Koenemans made his earlier mentioned remark. Sadly mr. Franzen had some health problems and with our best wishes for a soon recovery we close this usefull day of a still growing specialty club.
In earlier days the Laekenois was called Rough hair or Rough haired Belgian Shepherd; later there even was discussion about the types and some people thought the Laekenois is refering to the more refined Rough haired Belgian, whereas the Rough hair was (should be) more robuste in their opinion.
(provided by Anne Weitz-Heeland)

Courtesy of: dhuckestein ****** Black Breed Manager

Additions & Corrections? Please let us know.

Stud Book  (1956-57 NHSB p35-36 & titles found 1960 NHSB p59 sire of Beatrice NHSB 222870)


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