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Zellik Yette


Female Belgian Groenendael  12/22/1960 - 1/1/1977
Color: black
Owner: Jack & Doreen Bushby
Breeder: Ann O'Shea
KC 51449/61
Sire: Indo des Forges Monceux
Dam: Inkasa des Forges Monceux

I first became aware of Belgians in the autumn of 1962 when Doreen returned from training classes with this black beast and said this is your birthday present. Yogi and I rapidly achieved a rapport and she made it very plain that I was her property right until she died at nearly 17 years old. (Jack Bushby)
1993 YB p247

The Viroflay Story:
If early in 1962 anyone had told me that I would ever become interested in breeding and showing dogs of any breed I would have laughed at them. I loved dogs of any breed or non-breed and was always intersted in watching working dogs, particularly Border Collies with sheep. At that time we had three cross-bred collies and one, "Persian Bint", showed an aptitude for obedience training, so I joined the Sunbury and Hanworth Dog Training Club.
On my first evening I was very much attracted to a heavy coated black dog who had lovely eyes and expression. His movement was the most elegant I had ever seen in a dog. I approachd the handler and asked what breed this lovely dog was; her reply was "Thank you for not asking what is he crossed with! This is Oscar and he is a Groenendael". The handler was, of course, Valerie Webberley whose husband, Peter, and Ray Iremonger were the instructors at the Club. Oscar was Zellik Yockey from the first litter of Indo and Inkasa des Forges Monceux.
During the evening I enquired where I could buy one of these dogs but was told that there was no hope of that as there were only eight in the country, Indo and Inkasa and their six puppies. When I arrived home I told Jack all about Oscar and his reaction was "Thank God you couldn't get one, three dogs are quite enough in a flat!" It's a good job he couldn't see into the future!
A few weeks later I went to the Club without Bint, who was in season, and Ray Iremonger arrived leading a Groenendael bitch; he asked if I would like to work her for the evening and later told me that she was Zellik Yette, the sister of Oscar, and that she was for sale. Jack's birthday was a few days later so his birthday present from me was Yogi! BS by Andrews & Cloutt

My first contact with a Belgian was in 1962 when I started to take my Border Collie to Obedience classes. The classes were run by Ray Iremonger with Peter and Val Webberley and the dog was their Zellik Yockey (Oscar) who was from the first litter born to Indo and Inkasa. I was immediately struck by his intelligence and beauty and his steady response to Peter's commands.
From then on I dreamed of the day when I could have one of these beautiful dogs. There didn't seem a lot of hope as there were only eight in the country. A few weeks later came the break, Val told me that one of Oscar's sisters was looking for a new home. I jumped at the chance and to soften the blow I took Yogi (Zellik Yette) home and told Jack she was his birthday present! She quickly took over the household and was completely at home. (Doreen Bushby) 1993 YB p248

The origin of my affix Zellik is derived from the name of a small village not far from where we imported Indo & Inkasa (our first two Belgians). (Ann O'Shea) 1993 YB p252

A Tribute to Jack Bushby
It is with great sadness that we learned of the death on 1st January 2000 of Jack Bushby who, with his wife Doreen, were well known breeders of Groenendaels in the 1960's and whos Viroflay prefix became one of the most influential nammes over the next 30 years and the foundation for many of today's kennels. They timelessly promoted the Groenendael during the early years, travelling the length and bredth of the country with their dogs and visiting kennels and shows overseas.
Jack became the first Secretary of the newly found Belgian Shepherd Dog Association of Great Britain in 1964; both he and Doreen also being founder members. Their first Groenendael was Zellik Yette, born in 1960 from Indo and Inkasa des Forges Monceux, who had been imported from Belgium by a group of enthusiasts determined to establish the breed in the UK. Yette, known as Yogi, was bought by Doreen as a present for Jack in 1962 and lived for 15 1/2 years.
(David and Judith Cloutt) 2000 YB p7

Courtesy of: dhuckestein ****** Black Breed Manager

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