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sr02, Int & IT CH
Youri-T di Casa Caniglia
IPOI, CAL2, CACIB, tatd ex, csau, tan, SelB03


Male Belgian Tervuren  1/25/1999 - 8/24/2010
Color: fawn charcoal
Markings: tattoo 9NIG4
Owner: Claudo Caniglia
Breeder: Claudo Caniglia
LOI 99/39261
FCI Hips HD-A/A   (03Nov11)
EP   (EP half sibling)
Sire: RE97, multi V1, WW91, Belg & NL CH
Millo van de Hoge Laer
IPOIII, CAC, CACIB, tan champ ex+, SelB92
Dam: Rachel-T di Picroudine

maximun size allowed/35kg
complete scissor bite
tawny Stallion carbonate (homozygous)

2001 Italian Champion
2002 InterChampion CIB
2002 Champion Sociale
2005 Champion Riproduttore

Work-CAL 2 (Quassolo-TO the Judge l. Sassi 04.06.2000)
RCI-CACIB with Excellent qualifications, about 50 in 50 defense section of the conductor
(Cumiana-TO the 09.12.2000 Judge f. Bonanno)
CSAU Excellent qualified (St Denis de l'Hotel-France-23.08.2002)
TAN (St Denis de l'Hotel-France-23.08.2002)TATD-Excellent qualified (St Denis de l'Hotel-France-24.08.2002)
IPO 1 with qualification very good-94-84-92
(Ancona on 18.05.2003 Judge c. Mak)
BEST attack without distinction as to sex or Social varieties of Italian Championships in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004
Beauty-CHAMPION (Governing Council ENCI of 31.05.2001)
CACIB INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION with Mme Van Deijl-m. Deschuymere (Governing Council of FCI 03.12.2002)
SAMPLE-PLAYER (Governing Council ENCI of 16.06.2005)
BEST of BREED at the Italiana 2001 national Breeding
(judges: m. Dambrain-Dr. Descamps)
BEST of BREED at the 2002 Italian national Kennel
(judges: Stern-Hanf Berton-Sarlat)
BEST of BREED 2003 Italian national Breeder (Adinolfi-Renard)
(Tollara-(AL) 25.10.2003)
(St Denis de l'Hotel-24.08.2002)

JUDGMENT Following the judgement had p. Stern Hanf Social Italian Championship: 2002 Full dentition scissor deep – classic, masculine type, with many quality – excellent mask, head mediolinea of beautiful expression – beautiful dark eyes, small ears well worn – excellent stop, excellent parallelism, plans of skull and muzzle perfectly straight-mouth opening with very deep and perfect body – pigmentation – excellent beautiful bonding – excellent upper and lower lines – medium – excellent static camera angles and chest excellent perpendicularity with strong bone structure – covers the ground with elastic movement – beautiful warm rich Fawn mantle – subject to high level which occurs to perfection.
(translation: John Audoli)

OBITUARY THANKS DOX! Thanks Dox, I would repeat it ten, hundred, thousand times thank you!
Thanks for being there, thank you for what you have been, thank you for what you have given me and especially thanks for being born in my cattery!Hear them already our (few) critics and maybe now they listen too: "Yes, but ..., Yes, but ..."The truth is that you have been the only true synthesis of content and form in view of the current Belgian Shepherd, you represented the dream made reality of each breed breeder!For me are not only a Great Belgian Shepherd Dog, but pride, joy and a true friend for more than a decade and always will be in my heart.Many are the memories that I return to my mind, the first is to have you very strongly wanted, when for a whole week turned to France, Belgium and the Netherlands in search of the best Stallion to be attached to your mother, the beloved Rachel of Picroudine.Even more challenging was able to cover it and have puppies, since twice remained empty and only the third trip to Belgium we managed in the enterprise, well rewarded by a fantastic litter, where Besides you, spearhead, the other four brothers have become exalted level dogs.And what about the French where TATD Special addition to pass the test with the mention of excellent six out of the ring between the applause of all present, including judge!And then how can we forget the four Social Championships won consecutively with the best evidence of character among all participants, an incredible poker!Then came the day when I decided to withdraw from competition because in some of your attitudes I interpreted that you had enough, basically there was nothing more to prove because anyone you saw you admired and envied me or that I still retain a memory, as no headstone never unnoticed and this was leaving proud.In everyday life were like on the ring, your presence is noted and were always in focus with the mole out of the ordinary and the opulent mantle with Fawn all black head, an imposing, like a lion.Thanks for the progeny of champions, which I like to recall three subjects which have remained more tied to different circumstances: the groenendael Boris home Caniglia and tervueren Nick of Farouk House Uffa and Dove.Thanks for the last pair made just 14 days before you leave me and who knows I've made the ultimate gift ... anyway thanks Dox!
(di Casa Canniglia, translated)

Courtesy of: dhuckestein ****** Black Breed Manager

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