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sr, W75, Lux CH
Ira de Ventadour


Female Belgian Malinois  6/13/1973 (deceased)
Color: fawn w black mask
Markings: tattoo FJ111
Owner: Regis Lebon then Giovanni Audoli
Breeder: Alexandre Charbonnel
LOF 3108
LOSH unknown
LOI unknown
Sire: RE75, WS73, Belg CH Tr, Belg, Fr & Int CH
Qu’Rack du Bois d’Emblise (Juan)
Dam: Re, V, Lux CH
Reggy de Ventadour

exported from France to Belgium (Boscaille)
then to Italy (di Casa Colomba)

photo (critique) 1974 Dec CFCBB Le Berger Belge p310

S.R.W.CH. IRA DE VENTADOUR (R.E..Ch. du Bois of Qu'Rack x Emblise de Ventadour) R.e. Reggy, n. 1973. Ira's father was, in fact, a dissident's dog, listed Belgian Kennel Club at Saint-Hubert under false General information. Yves Surget wrote in his book Le Chien de Berger Belge (ed. Robert Thenlot 1994): "the origins of R.E. Qu'Rack du Bois d ' Emblise, CACIB in Paris, were attributed to Listig and Odette of Helizanne. But it was with knowledge that m. Charbonnel used this Stallion of the first order that came from the Belgian Kennel Club who, for that reason, he was employed as a subject who died prematurely. Qu'Rack was, in fact, Juan du Monastère Antique and was the son of Leobaro, a brother of Leopard 24 HT, and Nota van 't Hofstedeken. In 1973 m. Charbonnel coupled Reggy de Ventadour to R.E.Ch. Qu'Rack du Bois d ' Emblise and produced a beautiful litter, in which emerged s.r.W. Ch. Ira de Ventadour, a beautiful small model, Paris 1975, CACIB that reproduced the first Belgian du Boscaille, giving the subject well Lebon in kind, then the breeding House Italian Dove. " Ira always de Ventadour, before a dozen excellent presentations, CAC/BOB the special French breeding L'hay-les-Roses 1974, CACIB/BOB at Paris world of 1975, selected in Belgium and in France, was defined as Charbonnel a true marvel of nature that verged on perfection. Maybe a little shy, was an unforgettable sweetness, which screened under a slight zest of apparent aggression. In 1985, at the age of twelve, judged by played Surget, Ira was still best Malinois social Championship of Asti, in front of a young champion chosen in France! The breeding career of Wrath was somewhat compromised by my mistakes of inexperience, especially because I took her to mount Zap du Boscaille, specifically consigliatami by Charbonnel. I argued to the old and respected master who, due to the reduced size of the two actors and their strong inbreeding-I feared the emergence of dogs too small. Then the great French farmer, lapidary wrote to me: "small dog, small defect. Big dog, big defect. " But insisted to do my butt and I mated Ira first at Ch.It.Int. Jarr of Vildor and, later, the famous Inox du Mas des Lavandes, with results generally unsatisfactory, especially in relation to the great quality of the bitch. In addition, at the time, it was almost impossible not to sell, but also only place the Malinois, we produced, however, very little. However, the line continued, although much reduced, for several generations, until the magnificent ch. Moscow home Dove, last link, alas, a chain that we have left are stopped, thus losing forever, the blood of the unforgettable, wonderful sweet Ira. (di Casa Colomba, translated)

Courtesy of: dhuckestein ****** Black Breed Manager

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Book  (Belgian Malinois Genealogy Vol 1 by Pat Perkins & Lee Jiles)
Book  (Le Berger Belge (green cover) by Mme J Aubry p140)


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