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Trotteur (Jan Westerwoudt)

Male Belgian Laekenois  (deceased)
Color: fawn
Owner: Jan Westerwoudt
Sire: Duc (Wenmaskers)
Dam: Duchesse (Jan Westerwoudt)

Photo info: This photo was first published in Count Henry de Bylandt's 2 volume dog breeds encyclopedia "Hondenrassen" (Deventer, 1904), in which he described this Trotteur as a Dutch Shepherd.
J. Westerwoudt of Baarn with Trotteur, circa 1911.
(courtesy of Christian De Boeck)

photo "Trotteur" a Dutch herding dog at the turn of the century
(Bouvier des Flandres by Claire McLean p35)

I think I have seen this photo (of Trotteur) identified as a Bouvier, but over all this was too early and not really the right type (to be a Bouvier). If this dog was pre 1905 it is entirely possible that it was behind some of the early lines as there was great diversity in type. Only a hand full of dogs (Bouviers) registered before the 1914 war, and I do not see this name in the early records.
(James R. Engel, author of the book "Bouvier des Flandres, The Dogs Of Flandres Field")

Trotteur was unregistered. He was out of Duc x Duchesse and a grandson of the Laekenois Vos II and Belle de Saint-Nicholas. He sired Cochere (NHSB 3282) a "sand haired dog" registered as a French Shepherd. The mother of Cochere was out of the Laekenois Turc x Lot. He also fathered Vivandiere (NHSB 2454) a sand coloured rough hair "Belgian Shepherd Dog". The name Laekenois for the rough-hairs had not yet come into use yet. The mother of Vivandiere was a sister of Cora named Nitouche.

Bylandt, being Dutch, was likely biased in calling Trotteur a Dutch rather than a Belgian Shepherd.
(Christian De Boeck, Kennel St. Rombouts)

Two stud dogs played a large part in the development of the Laekenois and the Bouvier in Holland during the first decade of the 20th Century. The first was Trotteur, an unregistered rough hair. Trotteur was from Duc x Duchesse, and through Duc a grandson of the Laekenois Vos II and Belle de Saint-Nicolas. In 1907 Trotteur sired Cochere NHSB 3282, a sandy rough hair registered as a French Shepherd. The dam of Cochere was Cora, from the Laekenois Turc x Lot. The following year Trotteur sired Vivandiere NHSB 2454, a sand colored rough haired Belgian Shepherd Dog. The dam of Vivandiere was Nitouche, sister of Cora, the dam of Cochere. In 1911 Trotteur won a 1st prize at the Amsterdam show as a “Chien de Bouvier”, although his known origins were Laekenois.
The Trotteur, in the photo (above), may or may not be the sire of Bouvier Cochere and Laekenois Vivandiere. The photo does serve to illustrate the similarities between the Dutch, Belgian, and Bouvier French Shepherds at the beginning of the 20th Century.
The other stud dog was Tuf-Tuf, also unregistered, who in 1909 took a 1st prize at Utrecht, shown in the rough haired Belgian Shepherd class. Tuf-Tuf was from Primus x Cora, with no clues to his ancestry other than his sire/dam. Bred to Favorite NHSB 3638, a younger sister of Cochere, Tuf-Tuf sired Jacot NHSB 4179 and Protegee NHSB 4189, on April 3, 1912. Jacot was registered as a sand colored rough haired Belgian Shepherd Dog, while Protegee was registered as a sand colored rough haired Chien de Bouvier.
This pattern, of Trotteur and Tuf-Tuf siring both Belgian and French Shepherds, continued until World War I brought everything to a halt. Following WWI, the Raad van Beer studbooks contained no ties to the pre-war dogs. Whether they continued and were behind some of those registered as from “unknown origins” or from those listed with only unregistered sires and dams, remains undiscovered.
(Early 20th Century Interrelationships between the Laekenois, Dutch Shepherd, and Bouvier by Mara Lee Jiles,

1911 1st prize shown as “Chien de Bouvier” at Amsterdam show

can not verify breed, could be a Bouvier?

Courtesy of: dhuckestein ****** Black Breed Manager

Additions & Corrections? Please let us know.

Book  (online Early 20th Cent Interrelationships by Mara Lee Jiles)
Stud Book  (1910 NHSB p39 sire of rough hair Belgian Shepherd Vivandiere NHSB 2454)
Stud Book  (1909 NHSB p44 sire of rough hair French Shepherd Cochere NHSB 3282)


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