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Poes (Felix Corbeel)

Female Belgian Tervuren  (deceased)
Color: fwn chrcoal, no tail
Owner: Felix Corbeel
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown

Drawing of the Corbeel Brewery in Tervueren, Belgium, owned by Felix Corbeel. It is here that the foundation couple, Tom and Poes, lived and where Tom terrorized the strollers around the brewery at night. The brewery is long gone now.
(Original poster held by Jean-Marie Vanbutsele)

Tervuren foundation dam

Tervueren (now spelled Tervuren) is a small village approximately 10 km east-southeast of Bruxelles. Bordering on the Soignes Forest, today is is noted for its outstanding Royal Museum for Central Africa, British Academy, fine shops, and quiet living. A century or more ago it was an even smaller village on the edges of the Siognes Forest, and there was a brewery in the village owned by Mr F. Corbeel. Mr Corbeel also owned a charcoaled fawn female named Poes, who was lacking most of her tail, a genetic defect that, though rare, still appears today. Mr Corbeel's brother owned a charcoaled fawn male named Tom, and loaned him to Mr Corbeel. Tom pulled the beer cart during the day, and guarded the perimeters of the brewery at night. The long haired "other than black" Belgian Shepherds are known as Tervueren today, and Tom and Poes are regarded as their foundation couple.
When bred together in 1895, they produced one known offspring, Miss, sold to Charles Danhieux, who also lived in Tervueren.
Hist of Terv p2

Poes was always described by those who knew her, like Mr Desees, of the Ferme Termunt kennel, who lived not two steps from the Corbeel brewery, as being almost tail-less due to lack of the coccygeal vertebrae. One notes also the existence of the tail-less wire hair who won first place under Nicolas Rose on November 19, 1894-the absence of a tail, didn't seem to penalize a dog at this time.
BBA p14-15

1895 - The birth of the fawn matriarch, Miss (Danhieux), by the fawn Tom out of the fawn, but tail-less Poes. BBA p8

As every student of Berger Belge history knows, each variety is closely related to the other. For whether the trait be 'large ears' (as in the case of Dahlia de l'Infernal, a daughter of Djil, a sister of Bricole and a great aunt of Willy de la Garde Noire) or no tail (as in the case of Poes, the tail-less fawn progenitor of both the fawn and the black varieties through her daughter Miss) all of the varieties are in the undesirable-mutation-mess together. Our common historical background determines our common historical future. BBA p150

Plom (LOSH 25045), bred and owned by Felix Corbeel, the same Corbeel who owned Mitine (Corbeel), and more importantly Tom and Poes, foundation couple for the Tervs.

sire & dam unknown

Courtesy of: dhuckestein ****** Black Breed Manager

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Book  (History of the Tervueren by Mara lee Jiles, Dec 2002, p2)
Book  (Berger Belge Anthology p14-15)


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