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Multi V-1 FCI Int/Can Select CH
Aiko vom Sinnbrunnen
SchH III, FH, AD, CGC,ZtP (06.13.92-Eric Walbrod)

Respected Source Validation Level

Male Rottweiler  4/6/1988 - 3/20/1998
Owner: Ernst Ritz
Breeder: Astrid Stoehr
ADRK 72322
OFA Cardiac RO-CA263/114M/C-T
Hips HD-Frei
Sire: Chris von der Kurstadt SchH III, FH, AD, ZtP HD-
Dam: Sara von Tengen SchH I ZTP

Multi V1, Multi SIEGER Int'l & Can Select CH. Aiko vom Sinnbrunnen, SchH III, FH, AD, ZtP, CGC

<B>Always V Rated in Germany including Klubsieger '91/'93</B>

Aiko vom Sinnbrunnen SchH III, FH, AD
ADRK # 72322
ZtP under Eric Walbrod 13/6/92
Height: 67 cm.
Depth of Chest: 33 cm
Weight: 52 kg.
Length: 76 cm
Girth of Chest: 90 cm
Head (stop to occiput) 16 cm
Muzzle: 10 cm.

Overall, general impression:

Big, strong and powerful. Harmonious. Attentive, friendly. Strong, well formed and clean head. Small well carried ears. Very good outline. Overall correct. 1A eye (very dark). Mouth pigment black. Flews are a little loose. Coat is strong and coarse. Neck is a little long. Correct deep brown markings. Very good width and depth of chest. Shoulders are correct. Fore and hind quarters angulations are correct. Very strong neck and topline. Muscular and powerful.

Self Confidence: HIGH
Temperament: MEDIUM
Obedience: MEDIUM
Courage: VERY HIGH
Protective/Instinct Drive: VERY HIGH
Provocation Level: MEDIUM
Fearlessness: HIGH
Attentiveness: HIGH
Mistrust: LOW
Fighting Drive: HIGH
Indurance/Strength: HIGH


V-2 IFR CACIB '93 Switzerland
V-1, SELECT MALE Rottweiler SchH Club of Buffalo, NY
Rottweiler Schutzhund Club of Buffalo
DATE: August 9, 1994
JUDGE: Josef Hover
CLASS: Sieger Class
RATING: Select Male V1
6 ½ year old male. Very large. A lot of substance. Correct bone strength.
Good head type. Small, well correct ears, should be carried equally. Excellent formed eye and good color. Complete scissors bite.
Excellent mouth pigmentation. Excellent depth and width of chest. Correct angulation. Correct feet. Correct top and bottom line.
Correct set neck. Well developed forechest. Excellent coat condition. Markings of correct size and color. Fluid movement with sufficient rear drive.

V-1 /Sieger OVRC
Ottawa Valley Rottweiler Club
DATE: September 17, 1994
JUDGE: Helmut Freiburg
CLASS: Gebrauchshund
Medium size. Very good bone. Attentive & friendly. Very good head, medium
stop. Very dark brown eyes. Small, high carried, well carried ears. Strong neck, with little loose skin. Very straight topline. Strong rear. Correct angulation. Free & fluent movement. Strong coat. Brown markings.
Dark mouth pigmentation. Complete scissors bite.

V-3 /Sieger, Housatonic Rottweiler Club
Housatonic Rottweiler Club
DATE: May 14, 1995
JUDGE: Erich Königsberger
CLASS: Sieger
Medium large to large, very good build, typey head, full standing scissors bite, very good mouth pigment, lips could be a little tighter, black eyes well set, right ear should be carried a little more correctly, strong neck, very good top and bottom line, slightly sloping at the croup, very good elbows, correct coat,
very good markings, attentative, very good reach and movement.

1st Place Veterans Class | OVRC Sieger Show-Sept 1996
Ottawa Valley Rottweiler Club
DATE: September 28 & 29, 1996
JUDGE: Willi Hedtke
CLASS: Veteran
For the age of excellent condition and strong bone; very friendly; attentive; lively; front and rear angulation correct; healthy teeth; coat and colour correct.
1st Place Veterans Class & Award of Merit
RCC Specialty 1996

1st Place Veterans Class
RCC National Specialty 1997
2nd Place Veterans Class | OVRC Sieger Show
Ottawa Valley Rottweiler Club
DATE: September 26, 27 & 28, 1997
JUDGE: Werner Walter
CLASS: Veterans
9 ½ year old male in excellent condition; large with strong bone; strong head; left ear carried folded at times; dark brown eyes; dark mouth pigmentation; strong neck; very well developed chest; straight front; straight topline; strong rear; correctly angulated; far reaching gait; strong coat; mahogany markings; scissors bite.

4th Place Veterans Class
IFR (Wheaton, Illinois) October 1997
IFR Critique ~ ARC Independent Regional Specialty
DATE: October 4, 1997
JUDGE: Anton Spindler
CLASS: Veteran Dogs
RATING: 4th Place
Large dog; deep, dark eyes; mouth dark; strong bones; back a little weak; angulation good; well-muscled in rear; scissors bite.

Aiko V2 Sieger Class @ the Toronto Sieger Show
10 years old. Judge: Alice Zänsch

Sovereign Rottweiler Club - Toronto Sieger Show
DATE: May 23, 1998
JUDGE: Alice Zänsch - ADRK Körmeister
CLASS: Sieger Class
Very large male. Strong bones. Alert and friendly. Typey head. Very good stop. Small irregular carried ears. Dark brown eyes. Mouth pigmentation with pink spots. Slightly pinkish flews. Muscular neck. Broad wide chest. Very pronounced forechest. Front and rear correct. Strong tight back. Topcoat clean. Clean defined markings. Trots fluidly. Scissors bite.

1st Place Veterans Class
SRC Regional Specialty 1998 (Ms Joan Klem)

1st Place Veterans Class
RCC National Specialty 1998

V-1 Sieger Class
OVRC Sieger Show 1998
Aiko @ 10 ½ years old placed V-1 (Sieger Klasse) at the
OVRC show under ADRK Judge: Dieter Hoffman.
Ottawa Valley Rottweiler Club
DATE: September 20, 1998
JUDGE: Dieter Hoffman - ADRK Körmeister
CLASS: Sieger Class
Large, strong, with good bone; dry, good head; medium sized ears; dark brown eyes; dark mouth pigmentation; muscular neck; good forechest; very good top and bottom lines; front and rear correct; strong coat; with brown markings,
slightly sooty on chest; free gait; scissors bite.

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