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Obi-Wan Isis of Phenix

Respected Source Validation Level

Female Saluki   2/12/1985 (deceased)
Color: Cream
Owner: Lynn Clarke
Breeder: Sharon A Walls
AKC HD241106
Sire: Obi-Wan Djieud Hammaze
Dam: Elysian Fields Zamzammah

1990 NOFCA 500 CC pts Award

NOFCA Top Ten Salukis, #2 1988, #4 1987 and #6 1989

1987 Ernie Tebbs Invitational Winner

1989 1st Place ASA Breed Hunt (12/24/1989)

NOFCA Grand Course: 4th place, 8th place

1994 Shahin Trophy, offered by ASA and donated by in 1976 by Chuck and Marian Alexander in memory of Srinagar Shavar Shahin, presented to the dam whose progeny accumulated the most open field coursing points during the calendar year.

1993 Archives Plaque, offered by ASA and donated in 1988 by David and Joy Randel, and Gale and David Goodman in memory of The Archives Azal of Davijoya, awarded to the veteran courser winning the hunt.

1989 Winner of the Mia Cup, donated in 1969 by Bill and Mary Lou Casady in memory of Anfa’s Fawzia, traditionally run as the last breed hunt of the season.

1988 Ishtan Cup, offered by ASA and donated by the Hounds of Srinagar in 1966 in the memory of Knightellington Ishtan , was the second trophy offered for coursing events and is presented to the winner of a Saluki coursing stake.

1988 Christmas Cup, the oldest ASA Coursing trophy donated in 1965 by the Hounds of Srinagar, is traditionally awarded for a hunt held in mid-December and presented at a dinner celebration. The cup is filled by the previous year’s winner with a potent nectar to be shared by all.

1987 Shadrack Coursing Continuum Winner awarded to the highest scoring open field coursing hound under 2 years of age at the beginning of the coursing season coursing points.

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