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Dewet (LOSH 6466)

Male Belgian Malinois  1/5/1901 (deceased)
Color: fwn w heavy charcoal
Owner: B Duchenoy Bertrand then Joseph Drossart then Abel Mairesse
Breeder: Jules Duchenoy
LOSH 6466
FSCB 118
Sire: Vos des Polders (LOSH 5847)
Dam: Mouche (Jules Duchenoy)

photo (bottom) De Wet a aux Freres Mairesse, de Frameries
L'Historique du Berger Belge Georges van Ceulebroeck p149 &
Cent ans d'Hist du Chien de Berger Belge J-M Vanbutsele p46


This was how Henri van Aldaba de Haan Hettema expressed himself about Dewet (60 cm. high), when he was judge for the dog show in Brussels in 1902:
“He is a magnificent dog, very well built, with an excellent coat and highly recommended, remarkable shoulders and chest, back and croup out of the line, good head, fautless carrying of the tail, small triangular ears, excellent general effect. But, since there is always a but, the colour is rather pale. This fault however is largely compensated by the black mask and the strong shade on the shoulders.”

Dewet was a powerful, but also a very coarse subject, whose fawn color was both too light and too charcoaled. BBA p51

The Malinois Dewet (6466) is now the property of Mr. Joseph Drossart of Wasmes.
(Jun 11, 1905 Chasse et Peche announcement)

Dewet eventually ended up at the brothers Abel, Aimee & Ulysse Mairesse kennel du Temple (LOB) or des Templiers (LOSH).

Cora de l'Enclus, female Malinois, by Tjop (6132) and Wanna (6475), of Mr. Couvreur of Amougies, had a litter the 4th of January, 1906 by Dewet (6466) owned by Mr. Mairesse of Frameries.
(Jan 20, 1906 Chasse et Elevage announcement)

At the kennel des Templiers in Frameries, owned by the Mairesse brothers, the female Malinois Diana des Templiers, 15 first prizes, had a litter of 0-4 by Farceur des Templiers on October 4th (1909).
At the same kennel Siebel des Templiers had a litter October 12th (1909) of 4-2 by Dewet (6466).
The female Belle des Templiers had a litter the 12th of October (1909) of 2-1 by Tjone des Templiers.
(Oct 24, 1909 l'Eleveur Belge announcement)

At the kennel de l'Espierre of Mr. J. Deleplanque of Saint-Leger, Sadi ter Heide, daughter of Tjop and Elza of Mr. L. Huyghebaert, had a rare litter of 7-5 on June 2, (1910) by Dewet.
(1910 l'Eleveur Belge announcement)

1902 1st prize novice class, 1st prize of honor Bruxelles
1902 1st prize & shared prize of honor Bruxelles (SC)
1905 prize & prize of honor in couple Bruxelles

Courtesy of: dhuckestein ****** Black Breed Manager

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Stud Book  (1903 LOSH p248, BMG Vol1 &
Book  (Genealogie des Bergers belges 1901-1920, Jean-Marie Vanbutsele, 2003, 1906 CCBB)


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