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Picard d’Uccle


Male Belgian Groenendael  1/1/1888 - 12/22/1898
Color: black
Markings: white on chest & toes
Owner: Prosper Beernaert then Nicolas Rose
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown

photo Picard d'Uccle [lying] and Duc de Groenendael [standing] (1888-1893)
drawing by Alexandre Clarys (1896)
L'Historique du Berger Belge Georges Van Ceulebroeck p91

Groenendael and Tervueren foundation sire

Mr Beernaert is the one who found Picard tending a flock of sheep in Feluy-Arquennes, south-west of Nivelles, Belgium, bought him and took him briefly to Uccle, a suburb of Brussels.
In May, 1893 he transfered ownership of "Picard d'Uccle" to Nicolas Rose.

May 1, 1893 - The birth of the first 'de Groenendael' litter from the black foundation couple of Picard d'Uccle and Petite.
BBA p8

Published in the July 2nd, 1893 "Chasse et Peche" is the announcement of the first Picard d'Uccle x Petite litter, 10 puppies, 4 males.

The Specialty Show of the Berger Belge, Judge P Beerneart. Here are the judge's comments on the long hair dogs shown at the specialty:
2nd prize (shared with Duc #187 belonging to Mr Coles of Brussels) long hair Berger Belge category at the November 18, 1894 Specialty Show of the Berger Belge. Old Picard, who has devoted the last four years of his existence to guarding sheep in an uneven and rough part of the Hainaut province, where the work of the sheepdog is extremely laborious and who for three years appeared in the field of honor in the Belgian shows, where he won only first place and prizes of honor, finds himself for the first time in the second place. He was beaten by his son, Duc de Groenendael, an inevitable thing for the improvement of the breed.
Picard is a dog of remarkable type, and with an extraordinary structure, but he is in a bad state. Age, work and a 'blown coat' are truly some of the causes. BBA p12

In the last years of the previous century, the great dog connoisseur, noticed a black dog working a flock of sheep. He acquired this dog in Feluy-Arquennes, south-west of Nivelles, and brought him back to his uncle's estate. This dog, called Picard d'Uccle was the Adam of today's long hair Berger Belge, who are all his descendants.
Picard fit the standard decreed by Professor Reul, for he had a hardy uniformity with small characteristic ears. He had a gay character, was always in motion, and was both mentally and physically well balanced.
He was acquired by Mr Rose, a restaurant owner in Groenendael, and owned a number of females. Mr Rose's kennel name 'Groenendael', eventually became the name of this variety.
At this kennel Picard was bred to the bitch, Petite, forming the foundation couple of this variety. But, he also served as the stud to the great majority of Berger Belge bitches-the blacks as well as the fawns, who belonged to the first breeders of the Tervuren variety. BBA p33

At the special exhibition November 18, 1894 at the School of Veterinary Medicine of the State, here are the assessments of the judge on Duc of Groenendael and Picard d'Uccle, both belonging to Nicolas Rose, dog breeder Berger Belgian black long hair:
"The first prize was awarded to Duc de Groenendael to Mr. Rose. It appears in the ring for the first time and under conditions so favorable that its superiority over its competitors was obvious a priori. A thorough examination fully confirmed this impression. Very black, two ears in high places and very properly laid, a very long hair, the tail hanging and topped with a beautiful plume, the vertical limbs, a great look. This dog is an almost perfect. He has white feet with blackish spots. The hair finally seems to have a certain body part a slight tendency to become wavy.
The second prize was shared between Picard d'Uccle, also to Mr. Rose, and Duc, Mr. Coles, of Brussels. These two dogs are the father and half brother of the above. The old Picard, who spent the first four years of his life tending sheep in a hilly part of the province of Hainaut, where the work of the sheepdog is laborious to excess, and who for three years, seems in battle of Belgian exhibitions where he won first prize and that of honor, is the first time in the background. He was ousted by his own son; fatal thing, which proves the improvement of the breed.

Here is the advertisement in the magazine "Hunting and Fishing" at the time:
"On Thursday, December 22, the old Belgian sheepdog Picard d'Uccle, a MN Rose, was killed by a shot in the forest of Soignes, near the avenue of Lorra. Mr. Rose believes that his dog was killed by a forest ranger. We hope it will be able to discover the perpetrator deprives the unnecessary breeding of Belgian shepherd dogs has long hair, black, the father of this beautiful variety called Groenendael."
In 1978, Germaine Rose (1895-1979), daughter of Nicolas Rose, should offer to Mr. Jacques Albert "Friends of the Belgian Shepherd Dog" drawing of Alexander Clarys representative standing "Duc de Groenendael" and lying "Picard d'Uccle ". At this meeting, she told of those memories and here on the passing of Picard:
"Picard d'Uccle, the dog lying on the table, was a poacher and escaped whenever he could. He sped into the forest and never returned the next day. One day he escaped and never returned. My father heard a shot had a premonition. We sought with all rangers but in vain. It was I who found him while picking blackberries with my girlfriend. He had a large gaping hole on the side, a charge of buckshot had hit him in the heart. I came home crying. Picard died. He was buried in the forest ".
(The Sad Death of Picard d'Uccle by Jean-Marie Vanbutsele)

Picard was killed by a gunshot on Thursday, December 22, 1898 in Zoniënwoud.
(100yr Hist of BS by Jean-Marie Vanbutsele)

note: Prosper Beernaert also owned the shorthair brindle Malinois foundation sire Samlo

sire & dam unknown

Courtesy of: dhuckestein ****** Black Breed Manager

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