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Tjop (LOSH 6132)

Male Belgian Malinois  11/1/1899 (deceased)
Color: red brown
Owner: Frans Huyghebaert then Simon Goffin
Breeder: Louis Opdebeeck
LOSH 6132
NHSB 2740
LOF 10538
FSCB 116
Sire: Tomy (FSCB 138)
Dam: Cora I (LOSH 6134)

photo (left) Tjop, a M Huyghebaert, son of Cora and Tomy
L'Historique du Berger Belge Georges Van Ceulebroeck p62 &
Cent ans d'Hist du Chien de Berger Belge J-M Vanbutsele p47


From his charcoaled fawn mother, Cora I, Tjop got his fiery and intelligent character, a solid but elegant construction, a fine demaenor and great tracking abilities. Had the desired color but was rather lacking in overlay and mask. BBA p51

He was gifted with an excellent morphology, a perfect skeleton and angulation, a good colour, but without mask, was a very good utility dog, even if he was extremely nervous. He was 57 cm. high. From his father Tomy, he had a typical head, excellent ears and a well carried tail. He had the look and the intelligence of his mother, he inherited too long a back, rather too fine paws and rough hair on the croup.

1902 owned by Frans Huyghebaert when registered w LOSH
1906 owned by Simon Goffin when registered w LOF

FSCB registration number verified by pedigree

1907 Stud Dog listing from Chasse et Peche:
Tjop (6132) available at stud for 50 francs. Tjop has won 28 first prizes, 20 prizes of honor, special prizes, reproducer prizes, and certificates of championship. Tjop is a guard dog of extraordinary intelligence. Stud fee is 40 francs to members of the Societe du Chien de Berger Belge. Contact Mr. S. Goffin, Malines.

Mr. Idon of Bruxelles ceded to Mr. Frans Huyghebaert the female Kwick (Malinois), who had been bred on Feb 12th to Tjop (6132).
(1902 Chasse et Peche announcement)

Courtoise, (Malinois), 1st prize Puppy Class of Mr. Denteneer of Malines, had a litter of 4 males, 4 females on May 28, 1902 by Tjop (6132).
(1902 Chasse et Peche announcement)

listed in 1903 CCBB as having puppies by Mirs born Apr 07, 1903 for sale for 50 francs

listed in 1903 CCBB as having puppies by Kwik born Apr 24, 1903 for sale for 35 francs

listed in 1903 CCBB as having puppies by Lady born Jun 18, 1903 for sale for 50 francs

Lady (638) Malinois, of Mr. Albert Crahay of Anvers, had a litter May 17, 1904 of 3 males/3 females by Tjop of Mr. Huyghebaert.
(1904 Chasse et Peche announcement)

Female short hair fawn charcoal Jenny, owner Jos Van Tichelen d'Anvers, many times winner, delivered puppies 05 October (1904?) 1-7 by Tjop (LOSH 6132) owner F Huyghebaert, de Malines.
(announcement 1901-1906 Le Berger Belge Journal)

Mr. Huyghebaert has sold the Malinois Tjop (6132) to Mr. Simon Goffin of Malines.
(March 10, 1905 Chasse et Peche announcement)

Tjop of Mr. S. Goffin of Malines was bred to Fleche of Mlle J. van Haesendonck.
(1905 Chasse et Peche advertisement)

The female Malinois Mirzette ex Mirza (RSH 2471) of Mr. Louis DeConinck of Malines, had a litter the 7th of June of 2-3 by Tjop (6132) of Mr. Goffin of Malines.
(Jun 10, 1909 Chasse et Peche announcement)

The female Malinois Ninon de l'Enclus of Mr. Couvreur has had a litter, the 22st of February of 3-1 (1910) by Tjop of Mr. Goffin.
(1910 l'Eleveur Belge announcement)

1901 1st prize & special prize novice class &
3rd prize Bruxelles (CCBB)
1901 2nd prize national class & 2nd prize Bruxelles
1902 prize in couples, prize & special prize in group, 1st prize reproducer class, 1st prize, two special prizes & two prizes of honor Bruxelles (CCBB)
1902 1st prize & special prize national class, prize & prize of honor in group, prize in couples & 2nd prize Bruxelles (SRSH)
1902 2nd prize Bruxelles (SC)
1903 prize in couples, prize in group, 1st prize reproducer class, 1st prize & 2nd prize of honor & three special prizes Bruxelles (CCBB)

Courtesy of: dhuckestein ****** Black Breed Manager

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Book  (Genealogie des Bergers belges 1901-1920, Jean-Marie Vanbutsele, 2003, 1906 CCBB)
Show Entry Catalog  (1903 July 12-13 CCBB)
Stud Book  (1902 LOSH p289)


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