Eng CH Zebedee-el-Kizil 
Red Male Saluki   Whelped: 1/29/1931 

 Ali Baba of Iraq 

Color: Cream

 Malik-el-Zobair (IND-Iraq) 
 Hama of Homs (IND-Syria) 
 Darrah (IND-Syria) 
 Silmin (IND-Syria) 


Eng CH Shem of Iraq 
Eng CH Sarona Kelb (IND-Damascus) 
 Hoshah El Bahrein (IND-Middle East) 
 Rishi of Iraq 
 Giafar of Iraq 
 Sarona Delim (Delim of Iraq/Ruritania) 
 Houri of Homs (UK) 
 Sarona Said (Rushford Said) 
 Sarona Kataf (of Redledge) (IND-Middle East) 
 Sarona Nada 
 Rushford Taz-eet 
Eng CH Sarona Kelb (IND-Damascus) 
 Tazi of Ruritania (IND-Egypt) (AKA Abbotsford) 
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