CH Medival’s Kingdom Gatekeeper 
 Female Rottweiler  Whelped: 1/13/2018 

GCH Rudez For Pete’s Sake at Tidewood CGC, HIC

CH Rudez Cause I Said So V Baar 
Am/Mex/Int CH Greatheart’s Blaze 
BISS Sel Am/Can CH Von Boylan’s G.Q 
Select Am/Can CH Goldwinds Lindy v Myers CD, TDI,
BISS CH BAAR’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell 
V1 BISS Am CH Blackrock’s Empire Strikes Am CD
Multi V1, Siegerin, BOSS CH BAAR’s Blackfoot Brio v Evrmor CDX CI RE TT RTD CGC
 Rudez Down in History v Esmond THD, CGCA, HIC
BISS Am/Can/UCI Int Ch Trinity Gamegards Sudden Impact RN, HT, PT, CS, TT, HIT, CGC
Am CH Gamegards Racketeer 
Ch Dachmar Trinity New Image RO-51495G25F-T, RO-EL1866F25-T
Can CH Rudez Behold the One and Only Can CD, RE, BH, TT, CGC
Multi V-1, Sieger, Multi BISS Am/Can CH Yngo van het Dornedal Am/Can CDX, TDX, Can TD, SchHIII, FH, BST, BH, TT
BISS CH BAAR’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell 

CH Medieval’s Queen of the Iron Throne 

Int MBIS CH/UKC MBIS CH/Can CH/Am BISS GCH Mount Olympus Legend of Asgard CGC
Am CH West Winds Excellent Blue Boy 
BIS/BISS, Multi V1,SWRK Sieger 03' Am/Yug CH Brito Od Dragicevica IPOI, HD-,ED-, RO-63629E35M-PI, RO-EL4290M35-PI
Am CH Kayla Mae von Boylan 
Ch. Mount Olympus Justifiably Envious 
BIS CH Mount Olympus Evander CGC,OFA
 Thndrvly Zeuxippe v Mountolympus 
GCH Chancellor’s It Must Be Fate CGC
CH Chancellor’s Iron Challenger 
Am CH Cammcastle’s Victor Marlo v QR 
CH Iron Huntress Di Chancellor 
Ch Chancellor Soldier’s G I Jane 
Am. Can. CH Marlo’s Bello Soldato TT CGC
CH Iron Chancellor Dream Catcher 
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