Tsarina Meocine Of Invermere 
 Female Siberian Husky 

 Siwako’s Prince of Chilco 

 Eng-Szee Dah-Chold 
AM/CAN CH Saugeen’s Siberczar Playboy 
CH Wintersett Bo Gentry 
AM/CAN CH Susitna’s Dirka Of Tomahawk 
CAN CH. Tamara Serena of Chilco 
 Glacier Prince of North Land 
CAN CH Blizzard’s Galina Ulanova 
AM/CAN CH Siwako Of Al-Co 
CH. Crown Fire Of Al-Co 
CH Kim Of Martha Lake 
 Thompson’s Chiko 
 Thumblina Of Al-Co 
 Kim Of Snow Mountain 

 Alta’s Red Mist of Myotok 

Compiled from PawVillage records on 1/21/2019
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