Precious Jewell 
Red and White Female Siberian Husky 

 Dark Dakota Blue 

Color: black and white

 Sparky Sappahire Blue 
 Buster Allen Crabb 
 Nikita The Pooter Skooter 
 Precious Lady Subrina 
 T-Bar’s Prince Ty-Lar 
 Prince Oslo of Fox 
 Nakita’s Artic Miss 
 Sonya Lynn Feather 

 Princess Cocoa Red 

Color: red and white

 Rusty Leamus 
 Prange’s Katrina Hasufel 
 She Tom’s Queen Of Oak 
 Joseph Stalin 
 Lady Tosha Leigh 
 Shewbacca’s Kunta Fearwof 
 Rustys Red War Eagle 
 Robert’s Nikki 
Compiled from PawVillage records on 7/16/2019
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