Shining Mountains Muukuisi 
Gray/White Female Siberian Husky  Whelped: 8/10/2002 

 Shining Mountains Mellick 

Color: Sable/White

 Code Name Northome’s Brutus 
 Northomes Morty 
 Northomes Yankee SDO
 Northomes Whitby 
 Glacier Hill’s Dusty 
 Northomes Ash 
 Northomes Graceful 
 Zoe Of Sno-Fire 
 St Nick Of Sno-Fire 
 Hoback Of Togwotee Pass SDX
 Medusa Of Sepp-Alta 
 Sno-Fire’s Iditarod Dash 
 Polar Of Sno-Fire 
 Alaskan’s Iditarod KD Anadyr 

 Tshabet’s Lauren Bacall 

Color: Gray and White

 Tshabet’s Cheaten 
 Tshabet’s Dodger 
 Tshabet’s Basil 
 Tshabet’s Ghost 
 Tshabet’s Dickens 
 Zero’s Brew (At Tupilak Of Altbaugh) 
 Igloo Pak’s Annita SD
 Jonoki’s Annie 
 Lokiboden’s Mr Snuffalupagus 
 Lokiboden’s Tango 
 Igloo Pak’s Sitka 
 Zero’s Toast 
 Zero’s Brew (At Tupilak Of Altbaugh) 
 Zero’s Scramble 
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