CAN CH Shapali’s Passionate Poet 
Light Grey/White Female Siberian Husky  Whelped: 9/24/2009 

CAN CH Promesas Shapali Cico 

Color: Grey & White

CR CH Gruyangaz Artic Warrior To Promises 
MBIS/MBISS AM/CAN CH Chrisdon’s Distant Thunder AOM/#1 CAN '00/#2 Working Dog '00
MBIS/MBISS AM CH/CAN/AUST CH Karnovanda’s Gray Spirit 
CH Chrisdon’s Amalia 
 Freespirit Arangaz de Lukatan 
SPAN CH Innisfree Diabolbric’s Star 
 Cingara de Lukatan 
CR Jr CH/CR CH Aranza Promesa Fuerte 
MBIS/MRBIS/BISS Gr CR CH/LAT/INT CH Kristari’s Dunkan Or Lancelot 
BISS CH Innisfree’s Chips Ahoy 
CH Kristari’s Kaitlin Of Anasazi 
INT/LAT/GCCR/CR/NIC CH Shapali’s Tremendous Treasure 
BIS CH UKC/CAN CH Innisfree’s The Specialist 
Can UKC RBIS CH Shapali’s Impulsive Poison Ivy 

CAN CH Shapali’s Glamorous Geisha 

Color: Black/White

BPIS/MBIG THAI/CAN CH Shapali’s Casanova Cowboy 
CH Huskavarna’s Four On The Floor AOM
BISS CH Innisfree’s Chips Ahoy 
SAfr/AM CH Foxfire Rain Dancer 
Am Can UKC BIS GR CH Shapali’s Quick Quiver 
BISS CAN/UKC BIS GR CH Shapali’s Invitation To Indaba 
CAN CH Des-Mar’s Harvest Cache 
CAN CH Karnovanda’s Minerva II 
BISS AM CH/CAN CH Karnovanda Born On The Fourth 
MBIS/MBISS CH Kontoki’s Dennis The Menace 
 Karnovanda Lightning Strike 
 Karnovanda’s Fortissimo 
BIS/BISS CH Tymberlynes Echo Call Vegas 
 Karnovanda’s Askala Felena 
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