Twinkle Uranus 
 Female Siberian Husky 

 Jethro T Abraham of Will-O-Peg 

Color: Blk/Wh

 Frosty Bleu of Valent Ranch 
 King Kier of Levelgreen 
 Bruce Of Loveland Pass 
 Juneau Of Kansas 
 Tami Bleu 
AM/CAN CH Toki Of Rockrimmon 
 Arahaz’ Beau Chien 
 Ally Val Kandie 
 Tarsus Tannu 
 Baltic Tor-Na-Do Of Koryak 
CH Monadnock’s Midnight Sun 
 Kiana Attu Semaj 
 Yashi Of Volchonok 
 Sitkas Ketchican Semaj 

 Lady Cathrine of Will-O-Peg 

Color: blk/w

 Czar Cheka of the Ukraine 
AM/CAN CH Toki Of Rockrimmon 
CH Savdajaure’s Cognac 
 Alyeska Chena Of Chinook 
 Arahaz’ Miss Nonni 
 Czar King Of Lane 
 Arahaz’ Tia of North Woods 
 Wendy Lee 
 Kongus Of Sprite 
 Genghis Khongor 
 Kanaiok’s Snow Sprite 
 Burton’s Pepper 
 Yakoshih Of Baltic 
 Sasha Of Wabash Valley 
Compiled from PawVillage records on 2/22/2020
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