Temple-Hill Line Controller Kate 
 Female Beagle 

 Wilson’s Mr. Buzz 

FC Briarcreek Little Droopy 
 Peacock’s Major 
 Cotton Country Coal Miner 
 Cotton Country Bell 
 Penny 2 
 Gerald’s Rabbit Road Ban-Jo 
 Gerald’s Rabbit Road Sally 
 Wilson’s Line Drive Miss Daisy 
FC Coleman And Manley’s Line Drive 
FC In-Line Blackjack 
 Rapid Run Lil Mandy 
 Wilson’s Deliah Rose 
 Backroads Buddy 
 Star Hill Hanna 

 Wilson’s Little Pattie 

FC Dogwood Bottom Bad As Jack 
FC In-Line Blackjack 
 In-Line Canoe Winks-Stub-Ee 
 Memes Pretty Princess 
FC Pineview Peaches 
FC Postoak Little Nip Otis 
 Pineview Sadie Hawkins 
 Spring Creek Choppin Kate 
FC Coleman’s Line Controller HOF
FC Buzz Line Director HOF
 Loy’s Little Patti 
FC High Rock Valene 
FC Rock Bridge Odie 
FC Thorn Gap Dark Valene 
Compiled from PawVillage records on 12/1/2020
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