Am.Ch. Akaba’s Brass Ariel of Esfahan 
Blue & Cream Female Afghan Hound  Whelped: 3/11/1966 

AM CH Akaba’s Top Brass 

Color: Brindle

AM. Can. BIS CH Shirkhan of Grandeur 
AM CH Blue Boy of Grandeur 
AM CH Taj Akbaruu of Grandeur 
AM CH Khanhasset Ginger of Grandeur 
 Mahdi of Grandeur 
AM CH Oakvardon Charon 
 Genii Al Peraa 
 Amir Sabi 
Am. & Can.mult. BIS Ch. Rana of Chaman of Royal Irish 
Am CH Black Ryn of Donde 
Am.Ch. Felts Allah Baba 
 Felts Cleopatra of the Nile 

CAN CH Capuchina of Khayyam 

Color: Gold

Am CH Tachk-Ho-Mah of Khayyam 
Am CH Moornistan’s Monterrey 
AM CH Moonshyn of Moornistan 
AM CH Marsinah of Moornistan 
 Ghomois Be Khata 
AM CH Crown Crest Topaz 
 Lhazeetee’s Dania of Fergovia 
AM CH Khajah’s Taska 
Am CH Hassan Ben of Moornistan 
AM CH Zaamarakuri of Ghazni 
AM CH Maymun of Moornistan 
 Greens Shara 
 Taj Akbar of Grandeur 
 Magna Ginger of Grandeur 
Compiled from PawVillage records on 7/12/2020
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