Neversummer Shapaa of Kimball 
 Female Siberian Husky 

 Neversummer’s Tow Truck 

 Northomes Lefty 
 Northomes Sonny Liston SD
 Northomes Spook SD
 Kuchin Ring Snowmist 
 Northomes Pepper SD
 Nakoo Amahok Of Anadyr 
 Caribou’s Darka 
 Heritage North Troublespot CD
 Takima Of Sepp-Alta 
 Natomah’s Kamik 
 Rosie Of Markovo 
 Vixen Of Heritage North CD
 Cobaka Cahg Nicholas 
 Holly Of Markovo 

 Foxhaunt’s Micheala of Alta 

 Foxhaunt’s Volsung 
 Foxhaunt Lion Point’s Gaston 
 Kelson’s Levoix Of Lion Point 
 Belle Laika Parka 
 Luna Of Seppalta 
 Xpace Of Seppalta 
 River View’s Shawno 
 Luna Of Sepp-Alta 
 Uelen’s Beowulf Of Sepp-Alta 
 Surgut Of Markovo 
 Helen Of Markovo 
 Komet’s Buffi Of Sepp-Alta 
 Ash Of Markovo 
 Kodiak’s Lily 
Compiled from PawVillage records on 9/19/2020
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