High Lonesomes Red Aurora 
Red/White Male Canadian Eskimo Dog  Whelped: 11/3/2004 

 High Lonesomes Snowy Pursuit 

Color: White

 Jaden’s Shawnee 
 Qimmiit’s Pro Boy 
 Qimmiit Buff Boy 
 Qimmiit Black Chinook 
 Qimmiit’s Pro Girl 
 Qimmiit Cina Man 
 Qimmiit Woofer Girl 
 High Lonesomes Touch of Blue 
 Jaden’s Shawnee 
 Qimmiit’s Pro Boy 
 Qimmiit’s Pro Girl 
 Samowaska’s Atalik 
 Takari’s Apalou Tok 
 Jaden’s Arnavik 

 High Lonesomes Derringer 

Color: Black/Tan/White

 Hudson II of Churchill 
 Bishop of Igoolik AAA 
 Toby III of Churchill 
Can CH Anuvik’s Lonesome Princess 
 Anuvik’s Sleddn’ South O Sixty 
Can CH Casper of Churchill 
 Bathurst of Igoolik (AAA) 
 Jan of Churchill 
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