FC Goodwater Guinea 
 Male Beagle 

FC Shorts Pro 

FC Short’s Homebrew 
 Brown’s Rowdy 
FC Short’s Banker Boogie CHB
 B And L’s Babe 
 Shorts Little Gal II 
FC Jack’s Iron Mike 
FC Short’s Little Gal 
HOF FC Short’s Kate II 
 Jones’ Beaumont Bentley 
FC Jack’s Iron Mike 
 Elk Run Mandy Jane II 
 Mark’s Lady III 
 Jl’s Thunder Run Pete 
 Hickory Hill’s Jubilee 

FC Goodwater Undertaker 

FC Browns LA Tiny White Gator 
FC Still Water Tiny Bull 
 Canoe Creek Billy Joe 
 Still Water Martha White 
 Greenwoods Little Trouble 
 B and W’s Hard Luck Playboy 
FC Greenwoods Trouble Maker 
 Copperhead Happy Hazel 
 Trace’s Little Billy 
 Canoe Creek Billy Joe 
 Still Water Martha White 
 Copperhead Sugar Babe 
 Down Town Toby 
 Double M’s Chigger 
Compiled from PawVillage records on 9/18/2019
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