Am CH Sasha of Scheherezade 
Apricot Male Afghan Hound  Whelped: 6/15/1964 

AM.CH Alibaba of Scheherezade JW CD

Color: Black & tan

Am CH Bletchingley Ragman of Scheherezade 
UK CH Bletchingley Talookdar 
UK CH Bletchingley Hillsman 
 Stonesby Asmara of Khorrassan 
 Bletchingley Yana 
 Bletchingley Tarbouche 
 Bletchingley Belita 
 Tasha of Zabul 
 Tygah of Carloway 
UK CH Rifka’s Tarquin of Carloway 
 Calinda Ben Rifka 
 Scheherezade of Televee 
 Zardin (Dierks) 
 Repentance of Televee 

 Benihaar Autumn Heather 

AM CH Horningsea Khanabad Azreefa 
UK CH Horningsea Majid 
 Horningsea Turridu 
UK CH Marika of Three Streams 
 Khanabad Azrar 
 Khanabad Abdul Hamzavi 
 Bletchingley Petula of Bleanhyrst 
AM CH Sardar’s Sarlana 
 Ben Ghazi Taklana 
AM CH Crown Crest Rubi 
AM CH Siva Ben Ghazi 
 Crown Crest Safari Sari 
AM CH Crown Crest Dhi-Mond 
 Hamads Gezana 
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