Windrunners Wolverine Of Wolvenrock 
Agouti/White Male Siberian Husky 

 Tumnatki’s Johnny Cash At Windrunners 

Color: Black/White

 Kraken’s Lex 
 Kraken’s Kermit The Frog 
 Kodiak’s Merlin X 
 Northomes Shelly 
 Kodiak’s Busy At Northome 
 Kodiak’s T Moki SD
 Kodiak’s Holly Second 
 Tumnatki’s Tamarack 
 Tumnatki’s For Sale By Owner 
 Northomes Max SD
 Tumnatki’s Homemade Music SDX
 Tumnatki’s Riley 
 Northomes Max SD
 Tumnatki’s Shelby 

 Tumnatki’s Gypsy At Winrunners 

Color: Agouti/White

 Tumnatki’s Tango 
 Northomes Thasunka Witco Of Tumnatki 
 Northome Krazy Kat 
 Northome Kekie 
 Tumnatki’s Agatha Christie 
 Tumnatki’s Widgi Creek 
 Northomes Max SD
 Northomes Ed SD
 Northomes Cloud SD
 Tumnatki’s Homemade Music SDX
 Tumnatki’s Tucker 
 Tenakee’s K’atsula Tumnatki SD
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