Tun-Dra’s Bluefire Lady 
 Female Siberian Husky 

 Tun-Dra’s Polar Blu Timber 

Color: Blk/Wh

 The General of Northwind 
 Blu Mist Of Tun-Dra 
 Tun-Dra’s Blu Flame 
 Frosted Tosha Of Tun-Dra 
 Tun-Dra’s Midnight Princess 
 Tun-Dra’s Blu Flame 
 Tun-Dra’s Blu Tasha 
 Lady Zee 
 Jac Hill Of Tara 
CH Tookany’s Copper Prince 
 Good Time Tsasha 
 Queen Of The Valley 
 Tundra Manalika 
 King’s Queen of the Trail 

 Tashman Of Tun-Dra 

Color: Blk/Wh

 Tun-Dra’s Blu Flame 
 Keiths Tunka Of Tun-Dra 
 Rusty Of Tun-Dra 
 Shadow Of Karlak 
 Blu Valeska Of Tun-Dra 
 Blu Chinook 
 Tun-Dra’s Lady Fondo 
 Polar Bear Of Nordic 
 Nordic Tun-Dra 
 Nikita Of Tun-Dra 
CH Silver Fawn of Tun-Dra 
 Snow Fawn Of Tundra 
 Silver Kenai Of Tun-Dra 
 Sue J’s Red Valentine 
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