Run With The Wolves Asta 
Piebald-Blk/Wh Female Siberian Husky 

 Alka-Shan’s Nabucco 

Color: Grey/White

 Agor (Of Alka-Shan) 
 Kaila’s Mr. Pepper 
 Roco Blaze CAN SDX
 Kuchin Darki 
 Nevada-Sun Of Alka-Shan 
 Hideaway Of Alka-Shan 
 Elegance-Elektra Of Alka-Shan 
 Somerset Island Princess 
 Cat Of Sepp-Alta 
 Uelen’s Beowulf Of Sepp-Alta 
 Sno-Sepp’s Elvira Of Sepp-Alta SDX
 Alka-Shan’s Vixen 
 Nutuk Of Sepp-Alta 
 Alka-Shan’s Little Lisa 

 Glacier Of Amli-Noma 

Color: Agouti/White

 Polar Speed Banzai 
 Polar Speed Grigori 
 Polar Speed Metcor 
 Polar Speed Pinto 
 Polar Speed Rivella 
 Snowtrails Bruce 
 Crystal Of Amli-Noma 
 Hercules Of Sepp-Alta SDX
 Ash Of Markovo 
 Alma Of Sepp-Alta 
 Beluga Of Amli Noma 
 Sno-Sepp’s Ely Of Sepp-Alta 
 Alka-Shan’s Moonlight Memory 
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