BOSS Can CH, Am GCH Neu-Rodes Excessive Celebration CDX RE PT JHD CS CI
 Female Rottweiler  Whelped: 11/29/2012 

Group Placing, Can CH, AM GCH Glen de Fir’s I’m a Joyful Gift CD RE CS

Multi-BISS V-rated Am/Can CH Apollonia Anything Goes CS TT TDI CGC
BISS Am/Can/UCI Int Ch Trinity Gamegards Sudden Impact RN, HT, PT, CS, TT, HIT, CGC
Am CH Gamegards Racketeer 
Ch Dachmar Trinity New Image RO-51495G25F-T, RO-EL1866F25-T
Mult BOSS/BISweeps Select CH Eigenstate’s Ballroom Blitz TT, CGC, RTD, HIC
V-1 Select Multi BISS Am CH Gamegards Quiet Man v Lynos Am CD,HSAs,TT, CGC
Select Mult BOSS CH Vom Hochfeld’s Seminole Wind CD ARC Gold Dam, Top 20, MRC Hall of Fame
V-1 Multi-BOB/BOS Am/CH Kriznik’s Image of Faith CDX RAE OA NAJ AD BH TT TDI CGC HIC ARC-V
v-rated Kriznik’s Dawn-Titan Reign 
Amer CH Ironstone’s Brash T Devil 
V Kriznik’s A River Runs Thruit PT, HT, HIC
V- Kriznik’s Blind Faith HSAs, PT, HT, HIC
USRC Sel V1 CH Von Bruka Bruder Hans CD
V Kriznik’s A River Runs Thruit PT, HT, HIC

Am/Can CH Neu-Rodes Tiddlywinks CD RE CS CI BH TT

V-1 Am/Can CH Summerfields Action Jack’son CDX RE OA OAJ BH BBT CX V
Am/Can/Int'l CH Jack B Quick von Siegerhaus CD TT RTD CGC BH PT, RO-44989G24M-T
Am/BOSS Can/Mex/Int'l CH Quick von Siegerhaus Am/Can CDX, Mx CD,SchH I,TT,ZtP,RTD, RO-8521G24M-T
Am CH Becky vom Robulhause RO-33220G24F
Am/Can/Mex CH Summerfield’s Silk Stalkings TT
BIS Select Am CH Ironwood’s Cade Am CD CGC, RO-10845-T, RO-1629
 Summerfield’s T.S.V Ruffhousen RO-31149F,RO-1649
V-1 Canadian CH Redwood Crest’s Notdokt AD
Toronto/Benelux Sieger 04/04/Hun KJS'03 Bos/Ser CH Gonzzo Earl Antonius IPO I, MAG Test NL, HD +/- ED+/-
ADRK Ks 2001 SG1, CH.M.HR Noris von der Alten Festung 
CH-B.Yug Ria-Flach Rosse HD-O IPO-I
Multi V-1 Rated Karla od Dragicevica IPOI
INT./DT.VDH-Ch, KS'99, KJS'98 Condor von der Frankentanne SchH/VPG II, AD, BH, Ztp, HD-, ED-
Int-Ch, Yu Ch Hera od Dragicevica IPO I
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