Neversummer’s Lark 
Gray and White Female Siberian Husky  Whelped: 4/17/2014 

 Neversummer’s Captain Jack 

Color: Black and White

 Howling Spirits Gollum SD
 Howling Spirits Fred 
 Vajradhara’s Boo Boo 
 Rita V 
 Howling Spirits Bonnie 
 Howling Spirits Mavrick 
 Cricket Of Sepp-Alta 
 Neversummer’s Chickadee SD
 Howling Spirits Gollum SD
 Howling Spirits Fred 
 Howling Spirits Bonnie 
 Howling Spirits Scully SD
 Howling Spirits Sumac 
 Jaunty Of Sepp-Alta 

 Second Winds Ziva 

Color: Gary and White

 Second Winds Rayban 
 Second Winds Pyzano 
 Northomes Bucky 
 Ormar’s Banshee of Ramro 
 Tshabets Runnin Fool 
 Tshabet’s Ace 
 Tshabet’s Rukus 
 Second Winds Chickybabe 
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