NZ CH Charizelle Society Mouse 
White and Tan Female Parson Russell Terrier  Whelped: 6/11/2010 

 Rymshott Rooster 

Color: Tan & White

 Rymshott Strider 
 Ratscallion How Dare Yer 
CH Howlbeck Uno-Piper 
 Howlbeck Sparky Gale for Ratscallion 
CH Howlbeck Tagzy 
CH Howlbeck Uno-Piper 
 Howlbeck Wat-A-Girl 
 Rymshott Lite-Foot 
CH Howlbeck Rymshott Able Lad 
AM CH Howlbeck Uno-Who 
 Howlbeck River Pearl 
CH Howlbeck Tagzy 
CH Howlbeck Uno-Piper 
 Howlbeck Wat-A-Girl 

NZ CH Charizelle Society Belle of Huntersfarm 

Color: White and Tan

SAf, Zim, NZ CH Labrie Toastmaster of Charizelle (Imp SAf) 
SAf CH Hoelio Danny (Imp UK) 
SAf CH Hoelio Camilla (Imp UK) 
SAf, Zim, NZ CH Charizelle Society Rascal (Imp SAf) 
SAf, Zim CH Howlbeck Rough’N Ready at Charizelle (Imp UK) 
SAf, Zim CH Howlbeck Society Girl at Charizelle (Imp UK) 
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