Red/White Female Siberian Husky  Whelped: 9/6/2004 

 Hymans Red Bandit 

Color: Red/White

 Davidson George 
 Tozani’s Midnight Dancer 
 Tiksi’s Sapphire Kodie Shylo 
 Shylo’s Lacey Jay 
 Tozani’s Muscatatuck Lily 
 Spike Jones Of Troika 
 Lady Kriska 
 Abby Rose 
 Cody John Klukas 
 Chief Black Cloud of Norway 
 Mask of Norway 
 Skinner’s Brushpopper 
 Skinners Woodland Apache 
 Skinner’s Woodland Shower 

 Queen White Shelby 

Color: White

 White Bandit II 
 Doc Of Artic Snow 
 Trouble Andrews 
 Snow White Andrews 
 Kotocia’s Northern Star 
 Tracer Ray Cotton 
 Kotocia Fay Rick 
 Northern Artic Queen 
 Alexandras Arctic Kobuks 
 Kobuks Arctic Blue 
 Alexandra Of Vanness 
 Windy Northern Porsche 
 Marshall’s Nickie 
 Lady Porsche Speedster 
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