Pampero Van Der Oranje Manege 
 Male Afghan Hound 

GERM CH Chota 

Color: ivory-sand


 Koula van der Oranje Manege 

Color: b\m ivory

DUTCH CH Achmed Sjach Van De Oranje Manege 
 Barukhzy’s Khan 
 Baber of Baberbagh 
Int CH Shahib of Wahsdarb 
 Aruna Of Enriallic 
 Ashman of Ghazni (UK) 
 Chimoso of Enriallic 
 Rashna du Chateau de Roches 
 Original Nao 
 Azura Talib 
 Nalini of Enriallic 
 Nadhia of Pushtikuh 
 Tribesman of Pushtikuh 
 Ranee of Cheltside 
Compiled from PawVillage records on 9/23/2020
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