Wolfkin’s Esky Of Takkalik 
Blk/Wh Female Siberian Husky 

CAN CH Snow Ridge Duke 

Color: Blk/Wh

 Bambi O’Snow Ridge 
 Zaki Of Seppala 
 Biltoo Of Seppala 
 Zaza Of Seppala 
 Huskie Height’s Katriona 
 Dimitrie Of White Water Lake 
 Anna Of Huskie-Haven 
 Snow Ridge Luka 
 Snow Ridge Kimo 
CAN CH Bryar’s Texas 
CAN CH Snow Ridge Oolik 
CAN CH Snow Ridge Jetson 
CAN CH. Judy 

CAN CH Kenatim’s Teemik CAN CD

CAN CH Kenatim’s Hewee CAN CD
 Pek Of Par-Air 
 Snow Of Bow Lake 
 Igloo Pak Chuckchee 
 Leda Of Bow Lake 
 Kenatim’s Piko CAN CD
 Snow Ridge Nanook 
CAN CH Manawan’s Chieftain 
 Igloo Pak’s Weejet 
 Snow Of Bow Lake 
 Igloo Pak Chuckchee 
 Leda Of Bow Lake 
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