Taku Manatuska 
Gray & White Male Siberian Husky  Whelped: 7/4/1970 

 Nikita Sergeiivich 

Color: Black & White


 Silver Smoke 

Color: Black/White

 Silver Chink 
 North Lands Shoo Tuck of Al-Co 
 Minto Of Matanuska 
 Stromboli’s Arctic Wing 
 Kim Of Snow Mountain 
 Kayak’s Ebow Of Ebony 
 Tigara Of Glacier Valley 
 Golden Givens Ladybug 
 Kotzebue Of Martha Lake 
 Kotzebue Of Bow Lake 
 Kako Of Martha Lake 
 Cindy Sue 
 Ike Of Bow Lake 
 Noatak Tam of Snow Mountain 
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