Northomes Yankee SDO
Gr/Wh Male Siberian Husky 

 Northomes Lefty 

Color: Blk/Wh

 Northomes Sonny Liston SD
 Northomes Spook SD
 Nakoo Amahok Of Anadyr 
 Caribou’s Darka 
 Kuchin Ring Snowmist 
 Kuchin Suggen 
 Kuchin Squirrel 
 Northomes Pepper SD
 Nakoo Amahok Of Anadyr 
 Alaskan’s Astro Of Anadyr 
 Alaskan’s Yenka Of Anadyr 
 Caribou’s Darka 
 Ego Of Little Alaska 
 Caribou’s Keki of Nanook CD

 Northomes Silver Dollar 

Color: Gray & White

 Natomah’s Silver Patriot 
 Sno-White Of Little Alaska 
 Mustang Of Little Alaska 
 Zippo Of Little Alaska 
 Iowana Julie 
 Chad of Kainino 
 Heidi Of Kainino 
 Snow Trek’s Sugar 
 Igloo-Pak’s Candy 
 Midget Of Little Alaska 
 Dixie III 
 Tobie of White Water Lake II 
 Kris Of Calivali 
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