Red King Of Chestnut Ridge 
Rd/Wh Male Siberian Husky  Whelped: 9/9/1986 

 J R Of Sabaki Severa 

Color: Rd/Wh

 C And R Sambau 
 Banner Sambou 
AM/CAN CH Karnovanda’s Ivan Groznyi 
CH Monadnock’s Coronation Sasha 
 Trailane Tippy Bec-Pep 
 Norvik’s Pickled Pepper 
 Trailane Becky 
 C And R Heidi Frost 
 C And R Sambau 
 Banner Sambou 
 Trailane Tippy Bec-Pep 
 C And R Judy 
 Ju-Ja’s Karluk Frost 
 C And R Heidi 

 Panda Bear Of Sabaki Severa 

Color: Blk/Wh

 Copper Dart Of Sabaki Severa 
 Koryak’s Apollos 
BIS CH Monadnock’s Dmitri 
 Wolfden’s Copper Ookpik 
AM/CAN CH Chebco’s Copper Nooya 
 Alyeska Taku Of Chinook 
 Sugar of Sabaki Severa 
 Ruthwin White Knight 
 Sevencees Doctor Pepper 
 Sevencees Pepsi Blue 
 Tonia Of Sabaki Severa 
 Sno-Tuk’s Sun-Cla 
 Sno-Tuk’s Paka 
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