Tiger Of Calivali 
Gr/Wh Male Siberian Husky  Whelped: 9/21/1961 


Color: White

 Gromko Of Bow Lake 
 Little Sepp Of Bow Lake 
 Torr Of Seppala 
 Leda Of Bow Lake 
 Mitzy Of Bow Lake 
 Igloo Pak Chuckchee 
 Malinka Of Bow Lake 
 Zima II Of Little Alaska 
 Nicko Of Gatineau 
 Foxstand’s Skivar II 
 Vicka Of Gatineau 
 Zima Of Monadnock 
 White Water Lake Knight 
BISS Tanya Of Monadnock 

 Rubi Of Calivali 

Color: Blk/Tan/Wh

 White Water Lake Knight 
 Kobe Of Gatineau 
 Rymski Of Gatineau 
 Starina Of Gatineau 
 Nanuk Of White Water 
 Mitya Of Monadnock 
 Queen Of Gatineau II 
 Seesu Of Cold River 
 Bugs (Cold River) 
 Burka Of Seppala 
 Delzeue Of Cold River 
 Enara of Cold River 
 Jeuahnee of Cold River 
 Delzeue Of Cold River 
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