Gray/White Female Siberian Husky  Whelped: 9/1/1986 

 Ash Of Markovo 

Color: Gr/Wh

 Nutok Of Markovo 
CH Mikiuk Tuktu Tornyak 
 Bryar’s Silver 
 Bryar’s Queen 
 Lyl Of Sepsequel 
 Malamak’s Ego 
 Ember Of Snow Myth 
 Robin Of Markovo 
 Shango Of Seppala 
 Ruffo Of Seppala 
 Bilka Of Seppala III 
 Helen Of Markovo 
 Ditko Of Seppala 
 Duska Of Seppala 

 Polar Speed Galina 

 Polar Speed Kazan 
 Polar Speed Wolf 
 Igloo Pak’s Candy To 
 Vassfarets Misty 
 Igloo Pak’s Candy To 
 Arctic Trail’s Who Of Kelsons 
 Polar Speed Tuisku 
 Igloo Pak’s Candy To 
 Igloo-Pak’s Wing-A 
 Koonah’s Spice 
 Cishka (SF-1977) 
 Blakken (Norway-1975) 
 Tigaran Atsuko 
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