Polar Speed Banzai 
Brown/White Male Siberian Husky  Whelped: 10/8/1990 

 Polar Speed Grigori 

 Polar Speed Metcor 
 Igloo Pak’s Candy To 
 Igloo-Pak’s Wing-A 
 Koonah’s Spice 
 Polar Speed Kazangina 
 Polar Speed Kazan 
 Lola (Finland) 
 Polar Speed Pinto 
 Polar Speed Markovo 
 Uelen’s Ezra Of Sepp-Alta 
 Polar Speed Tuhkimo 
 Polar Speed Krimina 
 Polar Speed Ringo 
 Anok (SF) 

 Polar Speed Rivella 

 Snowtrails Bruce 
 Snowtrails Frosty 
 Zero’s Dargo 
 Arctic Trails Amber 
 Igloo Pak’s Chena 
 Igloo Pak’s Clyde SDX
 Koonah’s Spice 
 Ash Of Markovo 
 Nutok Of Markovo 
 Robin Of Markovo 
 Polar Speed Galina 
 Polar Speed Kazan 
 Polar Speed Tuisku 
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