Aceca’s Bat Out Of Hell 
Grey/Sable/White Male Siberian Husky 

 Tikchik’s Bonzo 

Color: Piebald-Gr/Wh

 Alka-Shan’s Dynamite Demon 
 Alaskan’s Matt Of Anadyr 
 Alaskan’s Nicolai Of Anadyr II 
 Kuchin’s Toto Of Anadyr 
 Red Reflection Of Alka-Shan 
 Hideaway Of Alka-Shan 
 Elegance-Elektra Of Alka-Shan 
 Danlee Malyenkey Of Tikchik 
 Goosack Of Kolyma 
 Alaskan’s Pala Of Anadyr 
 Oleta Of Kolyma 
 Forstal’s Alyenki 
 Forstal’s Roy-A-Lin Poorga 
 Quinbury Kozachokane Of Beagold 

 Wyphurst’s Clementine 

 Nutuk Of Sepp-Alta 
 Hercules Of Sepp-Alta SDX
 Ash Of Markovo 
 Alma Of Sepp-Alta 
 Uelen’s Ali (Of Sepp-Alta) 
 Surgut Of Markovo 
 Helen Of Markovo 
 Whirley-Weasel Of Alka-Shan 
 Alashak’s Beowulf 
 Snowmist’s Grey Ghost 
 Alashak’s Anne-Bell 
 Happyness Of Alka-Shan 
SWISS CH Kamtschatka’s Borax Bdssg'77
 Arctic-Melodie Of Alka-Shan Bdssg'75
Compiled from PawVillage records on 6/4/2020
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