Chukchi Runners Qwinntarrah 
Black/White Female Siberian Husky  Whelped: 12/5/2017 

 Head Hunter Linora Iceblue 

Color: Black/White

Jr CH/Multi CH Legend Continues Baby Winter Breeze 
BVIS BVISS RUS GR CH/NBC/RKF CH Innisfrees’s Ciukci Heartbreaker 
AM/CAN CH Innisfree Sea Hunt 
 Innisfree Aunt Trish 
 Brisa de Ciukci 
 Innisfree’s Muktuk Marsten 
 Innisfree Ashley Wood 
BBIS Beauty Linora Iceblue 
POL Jr /POL.CH Special One Of Wolf Point 
 Sheair’s Hall Of Fame 
EURO/HUN/INT CH Pamela Anderson of Bakerlake 
POL CH/POL/SLOV Jr CH Nori’s Silver Star Eskimoski Domek 
POL CH Balto de Ciukci 
 Nori de Ciukci 

 Singing In The Rain Of Silverlight 

Color: Creme/White

ROM Jr CH/ROM/SERB CH Little Player Of Silverlight 
VICE-EURO/INT CH/ROM CH/HUN CH Original Of Wolf Point 
IT CH Innisfree Knight Frost 
ROM/HUN JCH Radjah Of Bakerlake 
BIS ROM Jr CH/MBIS BABY ROM CH Magic Dream Of Wolf Point 
BISS CH Sheair’s Game Boy Advance 
ROM Jr CH/PHIL CH Kristari’s Tya Of Wolf Point 
ROM Jr CH Thais Of Wolf Point (2) 
CAN/ROM/THAI CH Nanook’s Winter Wind 
AM/CAN CH Innisfree On Credit 
 Innisfree North Wind Nori 
BIS ROM Scarlett O’Hara Of Silverlight 
BISS/BIS BABY ROM Jr CH Tawny de Ciukci 
ROM/RUS CH/VICE EUR Jr CH 2004/ROM/HUN Jr CH Present Perfect Of Wolf Point 
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