Khabira Khatib 
 Female Afghan Hound 

AM CH Khabiri of Grandeur 

Color: Black & silver

AM CH Blue Boy of Grandeur 
AM CH Taj Akbaruu of Grandeur 
 Nehru of Ku 
 Doreborns Karya 
AM CH Khanhasset Ginger of Grandeur 
AM CH Ali Khyber 
 Far Away Loo 
 Kushani of Grandeur 
AM CH Turkuman Nissim’s Laurel 
 Chota Nissim of Ringbank 
UK CH Netheroyd Turkuman Camelthorn 
 Lost Acres Beebe of Grandeur 
AM CH Judu of Grandeur 
 Daireen Beebe of Grandeur 

AM CH Shahti Ben Kajar 

Color: B/m Red

AM CH Karli Ben Ghazi 
AM CH Five Miles Punjab Ben Ghazi 
 Five Miles Abdul Aziz of Cayuga 
 Hanif of Bevero Downs 
 Trina Kush of Hazarat 
Am. & mult.BIS Can. Ch . Asri-Havid of Five Mile 
 Birchwood Shiba Khan 
 Majara Mannavar 
AM CH Ali Khyber 
Am. & mult BIS Can.Ch. Rudiki of Prides Hill 
 Pommelrock Kashan 
AM CH Majara Mustapha 
AM CH Karach of Khanhasset 
 Far Away Loo 
Compiled from PawVillage records on 9/25/2020
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