BISS Am Ch Gamegard’s Chisum 
 Male Rottweiler  Whelped: 8/15/2004 

V-1 Sieger, Multi BIS/Multi BISS, SELECT Am CH Gamegards US Marshall RN, CGC, RO-63327E24M,

V-1 Select Multi BISS Am CH Gamegards Quiet Man v Lynos Am CD,HSAs,TT, CGC
Select Am CH Full Moon’s As Good As It Gets TT CGC, RO-39353G24M
V-Rated, BISS Select Am CH Vom Sonnenhaus Krugerrand Am CD, TT, RO-14802F24M
Select Am/Can CH Gamegards Half Moon 
Am CH Gamegards Mariah v Femme 
BIS BISS Am/Can/Bda Select CH Pioneer’s DJ Star Stuben Am/Bda CD, CGC, TDI
Am CH Gamegards Femme Fatal 
Select 1 Multi BISS/BOSS CH Kreeksides Britts Image 
V-Rated Select Multi BISS Am/Can CH Von der Lors Ferro Braxx HICs, CGC,
V-Rated BIS BISS Am CH Von der Lors Braxx Nelson 
 Gamegards Hexa 
 Gamecards No Nonsense 
Am CH Beltane’s Wizard Of Avalon 
Am CH Gamegards Femme Fatal 

CH Fullhaus A Chacha V Gamegard 

Am CH Gamegards Racketeer 
V-1 Am CH Gamegards Limited Edition Am CD Am PT HIC CGC TDI ARC Gold Sire
Am CH Von der Lors Alydar Cade RO-22792G24M
 Gamegards Do It To It RO-13529G25F
Am CH Gamegards Kubuki 
V-1 Maik vom Siedlerpfad SchHII, ZtP {11.86}, HD-, RO-18454G52M
Am CH Gamegards Femme Fatal 
Amer CH Gamegards U Sing N I’ll Dance 
Am CH Poncas Denver Dancer Tango RO-38613E24M, RO-CA93/63M/C, CERF: RO-2549/95-47
V-Rated, BISS Select Am CH Vom Sonnenhaus Krugerrand Am CD, TT, RO-14802F24M
BOSS CH Lyvngwerth’s Devotion v Ponca CD,RO-19019
 Gamecards Of N Runnin 
Am CH Gameguard’s Desperado RO-13528G25M
Am CH Gamegards Kubuki 
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