Postoak Katy Did 
 Female Beagle 

FC Postoak Little Nip Otis 

FC In-Line Blackjack 
 In-Line Canoe Winks-Stub-Ee 
FC Canoe Creek Jeb Stuart 
 Winks Frosty Hallow Kate 
 Memes Pretty Princess 
FC Rob’s Diamond II 
FC Buck Cannons Muffin 
 Postoak Nikkie 
FC Shoal Creek Hank Williams 
 Shoal Creek Larry The Boy 
 Shoal Creek Dolly 
 R And S Diamond In The Ruff 
FC Rob’s Diamond II 
 Rocky Fork’s Barbie Buster 

 Gipson Sho N Tel 

Color: Black, White & Tan

 Quick Chek Dirty Harry 
FC D And W’s Two Bits 
 Quick Chek Jewell 
 Sure Shot Pepper 
 J And J Popeye 
 J And J’s Sally 
Compiled from PawVillage records on 4/22/2019
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