Renza Addicted to Red 
Red Female Afghan Hound  Whelped: 4/23/2002 

UK CH Drishaun That’ll Do Icely JW

Color: Red

IT/AM CH Gazon Say What You Mean 
AM CH Gazon’s Cheatin’ Heart 
AM CH Jorogz’ Heart Breaker 
AM CH Gazon’s Sound of Snowflakes 
AM CH Persias Snow Pixie of Gazon 
AM CH Persias Sandrift 
AM CH Sahiba Sudden Silver 
 Drishaun Desdemona 
UK CH Chardhuri Chianti for Drishaun 
UK CH Barnesmore the Baron of Landhavi 
 Severndene Spellbinder of Chardhuri 
 Khamseen Free As A Bird 
 Asmar Aries From Khamseen 
 Khamseen Burnished Beauty 

 Caldaykaa Rose Arey 

Color: Red

 Weetoneon Fiddla on the Roof 
 Yazdans Moon Dragon 
UK CH Moonswift Moonglade 
 Bondor Young Spirit of Yazdan 
 Weetoneon She’s in Clover 
UK CH Karnak Shamrock 
 Pasharif Pukka Maharanee 
 Shimalma Splash in Caldaykaa 
 Zharook Scarlet Pimpernel 
UK CH Barnesmore Imperial Wizard 
 Ayishas Seductress from Zharook JW
 Tazkindi Ginger Lace on Shimalma 
 Shimalma the Ginger Toff 
 Yarrumghan Golden Ember 
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